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The quad bike
News 1
I made a brand new lay-out for our home page.There is still a lot of work to do, so not every page has this new lay-out...Still working on the site ...sorry
Rebuilding a quad bike

We bought this quad from the scrap yard. The bike was very damage and a lot of parts where missing. After a few hours on the internet Ifind the parts how are missing, like the body lights and frame parts. The engine is a 70cc flat mounted power plant with a automatic gearbox. It's not a real off-road quad but maybe we can fix this one to a real quad.

For now we are going reassemble the quad to drive it and then we going to rebuild it. 

The engine  
The Beginning
The Body
Resemble the quad

This quad bike has now wiring so this was the thirst part to order. I find on the internet that de quad was an Adly Rocky and there was a series dealer in Holland for the missing part, his address is www.quadworld.nl

I ordered new wiring, bodywork and tires and also a set of new indicators. It was a lot off work to put the things together. Now we have to order a new frame because the old one is very damaged.

Although it's a nice way too discover the quad world but we are keeping in mind that it's not a serious quad but a fun piece. Maybe we can fix this one too a real off-road Quad.

More soon.



Porsche powered buggy
This buggy won's two times 2e place at the 200 meter sprint in the non standard/turbo/nitro class.
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Porsche powered buggy Model year
Build in 1966  
Engine 2441 cc 1970
Gearbox T2 van 1972
Breaks front disk 1303 beetle 1974
Breaks rear disk porsche 914 1978
Suspension front 181 the thing 1966
Suspension rear 181 the thing 1966
Chassis home made/volkswagen 1966-1999
Interior no no
Specials ...... .....
SFuture plans ???? ????