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Porsche style speedster
sHot news
There are some new pictures on this page. The quality is not so good because the are made from old pictures. You can click on the foto too see the large photo's .

Porsche style speedster

This custom "wizard" speedster has a VW 1835 Beetle engine, Porsche 996  wheels,brakes,mirrors,and rear deck. The rolbars are Masarati style and polished. Most of the other  parts are home made, or from other cars. The building time was  about 4 years. The owners name is Richard and he is living in Spijkenisse (Holland).

The chassis
The disk brakes
The interior
Door modification
The roll-bar and body


Our cars
T3 camper van Model year
Build in T3 westfalia 1984
Engine 2000 cc 1984
Gearbox Automatic 1984
Breaks front Porsche 911 1984
Breaks rear Orginal drum 1984
Suspension front Original 1984
Suspension rear Original 1984
Chassis Volkswagen 1984
Interior Wetsfalia 1984
Specials Porsche cup 1 wheels New
Future plans WRX engine ????
The project

The story..

The wheels are from a porsche 911 (cup1). I had to use spacers to mount the wheels on the van, but also I had change the sliding door on the right side (10cm wider).