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Buggy rally VP (voorne putten) 23-4-2006


I.B.W. (International Buggy Weekend) 2005


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VW and buggy meetings NL

1 . Kever winter festijn: 07 t/m 08-1-2006
2 . Budel .................: 17 t/m 18-6-2006
3 . Buggy weekend NL.: 23 t/m 25-6-2006
4 . Kever zomer festijn: 16 t/m 17-9-2006


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The I.B.W. is organized every year by an European buggy club. It's every year in the summer to make it possible for the most buggy's from Europe to go too the meeting even with no roof-top. Mostly there will be about 200 buggy's from Holland, Germany, Belgium, Swiss, England, France and even the Usa. There will be off/on road buggy's and you race on sand and tarmac.

This year 2004 it was in Holland (Netherlands) for 3 days and there were about 200 buggy's drive/race on a motto cross circuit and also there was even a sand drag strip and a mud pool.