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News 1
One of our mebers is testing cars on a daily base. A lot of this cars are a little bit exotic and he gives his rate about this cars after driving it for some time
Lamborgini Diablo

As with the earlier Diablos, the source of pride in ownership rests in the secure knowledge that the generous 5.7-liter, 492-horsepower V-12 powerplant sits mid-longitudinally and generates 428 lbs./ft. of torque at 5200 rpm. rating 8,5 very heavy clutch

The cars were built at a new site at Bloxham near Oxford. Three hundred and fifty were to be built at a cost of £400,000 each.Top Speed 217 mph 0-60 (mph) Claimed figures vary between 3.6 seconds and 3.9 seconds Horsepower 549 BHP @ 7000 rpm Torque 473 ft lb @ 4500 Weight 1375 kgs


rating 7,8 the car is just too lang


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