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Ford V6 powered buggy
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There are some new pictures on this page. The quality is not so good because the are made from old pictures. You can click on the foto too see the large photo's .

V6 powered buggy

My friend and I (who lived together for about 30 years) we wanted to made a home made off-road car. So we bought the same kind of buggy (Ruska super) and make it road legal. After some time we want our buggy's to rebuild to some serious off-road vehicles with just the right looks and performers and with a low budget!!!.

This buggy has a home made chassis, with front and rear disk brakes and powerd by a 2400cc V6 Ford engine. Most parts are from Porsche, Ford, and the VW181 (the Thing).The biggest problem was to fit the Ford engine in the buggy. The clutch and water cooling system was hard to fit and still gives problems because the cooling system is at the front of the buggy and is easy for the dustand rocks to hit.

The chassis
The disk brakes
The gearbox
Clutch problems
The clutch of this buggy was making some strang noises for about a few years. So it was time too take a look. First we removed the engine and then de gear-box. This is wath we found.......
This is a old tyle gearbow with a special presure plate...so the gearbox had to be also replaced.
The engine
The roll-bar and body

V6 ford powerd buggy
This buggy won's two times 2e place at the 200 meter sprint in the non standard/turbo/nitro class.

Our cars
Porsche powered buggy Model year
Build in 1966  
Engine 2441 cc 1970
Gearbox T2 van 1972
Breaks front disk 1303 beetle 1974
Breaks rear disk porsche 914 1978
Suspension front 181 the thing 1966
Suspension rear 181 the thing 1966
Chassis home made/volkswagen 1966-1999
Interior no no
Specials ...... .....
Future plans ???? ????
The project

The story..

The thirst thing was to get an automatic gearbox chassis. After this we went to the local metal store to buy some iron for the chassis. After some searching at other buggy's we made the dissision to mould some disk brakes at the front and at the rear also the VW van gearbox had to be fixed in. So we had fix the 181 suspension to the beetle chassis.

So we started with the chassis to lift the buggy body 5 cm at the front and rear 8 cm and we replaced the rear beetle axle for the IRS suspention with CV joints from a VW181.

Everything is painted, and the alum. floor panels can be fixed with glue, to reduce weight and it looks great!. The bottom of the chassis is flat as possible and gives down force on road driving.....yeah right...?

The front and rear axles are ready with new disk-breaks and lines are fitted in and a cutting brake is mounted. We can use this cutting break to steer with the rear wheels in the sand.

The gear boxes we used are from a 1972 T2 bus/van. The difficulty about this gear boxes is that you had the moulding hand made. After this we noticed that the drive axles are to long so we had to fix 181 drive shafts wit also 181 cv joints. This cv joints can make a bigger angle than the beetle joints. The bus gearbox mounting is home made with ford joints

The engine is from a Ford Taunus build in 1980 and has 2400cc. Ernst bought yhe engine from the scrap yard. With some work on the engine it was ready to replace it in the buggy


Next winter we build the new front window frame, roll-bar.