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Porsche 911 3.0 SC
sHot news
We have a new member with an 911 Porsche, he is a good friend of the lLow budget Club. In the 8 years he owned the car, he drove it for about 7000+ km each year in any weather condition.
The car proved to be very reliable but of course needs maintenance.

Ronald's 1982 Porsche 911

My name is Ronald.

I owned a beetle in the late 1980's. Because I needed more reliable transport, I sold this beetle to a member of the LowBudgetClub in the early 1990's. Some parts of it are still used on the blue and green buggy's that you can see on the other pages of this site.

Already when I sold it, it was clear to me that some air cooled boxer power would enter my life again at a later moment in time. Preferably in the form of a Porsche 911. Yes, I was infected with the "air cooled" virus

The bodywork
The interior
The engine
The engine is a normally aspirated 3 litre air cooled boxer with Bosch fuel injection and 204 Hp. In fact, this engine was designed for the first 911 turbo. For the SC the turbo’s are simply removed. Leaving a very rugged and reliable engine that is able to last a long time provided it is warmed-up properly before the full power is utilized.
The gearbox is the original 915 type (slow but reliable). Suspension (overhauled) and brake systems are the very capable standard SC items.
Pictures of the Porsche
In itself the Porsche satisfies my air cooled boxer needs and I intend to keep it in my possession for many years to come. However, at the side I also own a BMW R1200 GS motorcycle. Yes, an air cooled boxer! Also a very capable machine.


The specs.
911 3.0 SC
Model year
Build in 1982 1982
Engine 3000 cc 1982
Gearbox Manual 1982
Breaks front Disk original 1982
Breaks rear Disk original 1982
Suspension front Orignal 1982
Suspension rear Original 1982
Chassis Orginal 1982
Interior Trashed 1982
Specials New exhaust New
Future plans Driving the car ????
The project

The story..

Use and maintenance:

In the 8 years I have owned the car, I drove it for about 7000+ km each year in any weather condition.
The car proved to be very reliable but of course needs maintenance. Original parts for a 911 are expensive but of very good quality. For some things aftermarket parts are available.

In 2005 the complete exhaust and hot air systems were renewed. After 23 years, the original stainless steel exhaust was corroded away and the cabin temperature controls did not work properly anymore.

Because of handling problems, also the rear suspension struts were renewed in 2005.
Recently the clutch was renewed.
Meanwhile, the obsolete front seats have been replaced with leather, electrical operated, turbo seats.

Altogether, the car is in good condition. It is a joy to drive it although it cannot be compared with a new luxury car (you really need to work in this car). Top speed is around 240 km/h and for the rest the car is also more than quick enough for present day traffic.

The car has about all options that were available at the time. Power windows, Powered sliding roof, front and rear window electric heating, fog lights, powered mirrors, etc.

A Porsche is a car to drive. Although it does not make too many Km's each year, there are always some nice trips to be made. On multiple occasions the car brought me to the alps in France for a ski-ing holiday and every once in a while it is used for track days. Also Germany is frequently visited. Despite the age of the car, on the German roads it regularly hits its top speed. I have to say that, even with the rear spoiler, driving the car at top speed is a challenge. The front starts to lighten and all concentration is required to keep the car steady and to avoid other traffic driving at half the speed.

As one of the earlier Porsches, the car lacks electronic assistance systems such as ABS, traction control etc. Herewith it is not a car that can be driven fast by anyone who lacks experience in older 911’s. You really need to respect the car. For example, if you feel you are too quick in a corner, there is only one option: Hit the throttle! Braking (your intuitive feeling) will make you loose control of the car. Hitting the throttle will make the car push itself through the corner as if it was not there.

About the aesthetics of the car: The colour is the original grand prix white. For many people not a preferred colour but, be honest, this colour suits the car, with its black accents, perfectly. I decided to leave it this way. Further, I often hear people, who have some Porsche knowledge, that they prefer the older, non harmonica bumper, models. In itself I can agree with them. The SC can perfectly be converted to the older look. Although this is no simple procedure, the end result is a 1970’s look with superior technology. Mainly in England this conversion is popular. Not for me however. I respect the present looks of the car. The harmonica bumpers were introduced following changed safety legislation in the US. And in fact, the way the Porsche engineers adapted the car is in my view “a triumph of creative design over legislation”.